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Ellie McBride

Special guest

Ellie McBride is an American expat living in Northern Ireland since 2017. After moving across the world to be with her Northern Irish husband, she struggled to find the flexibility to spend much time back at her other home in Oregon to see her friends and family. In this quest for flexibility, she realized building an online business from the ground up is the way to have everything she ever wanted in life.

Ellie started out as a freelancer back in 2017. As a Virtual Assistant, she worked online with business owners in areas like social media planning, creating slick systems and automations, and perfecting their email marketing systems. However, Ellie soon realized many of her clients struggled with the same: Creating efficient processes to help open up their time for the tasks that truly needed their attention.

Now she uses the skills and tools she learned from her days as a VA in her work as a Squarespace website designer. Ellie helps create a solid backbone for your business with systems that connect to your website and grant you the freedom to let go of repetitive tasks and focus on the work you’re truly excited about.

Ellie's goal? To give you a beautiful home on the web for your message and your work all while helping make your work more efficient.

Ellie serves women who own small businesses and are building them from the ground up by creating beautiful, functional websites with built in time-saving systems.

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